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List of Items For Our Care Packages

Support our Military!

We need items to send in care packages to troops deployed to combat zones.

If you, your company or organization would like to donate items to support the troops, please use the list below as a reference for items to collect for the Care Package Project™. All items must be new and in the original sealed packaging. Homemade food items cannot be accepted.

NOTE: Food items shipped with toiletry items will taste like foot powder, sunblock, etc. To avoid this, please deliver all food items packaged separately from all toiletry items or separate them in plastic bags.

You can also purchase items for the Care Package Project through                           the EGA Shop! See links below to purchase items for care packages                           or click here to shop...

  1. Olive Drab T-Shirts:
  2.     Click to purchase…

  3. Crew or Boot Style Socks:
  4.     (Black or sand color only)

  5. Baby Wipes:
  6.     Click to purchase…
        (Packages of 150 wipes or less.     Re-sealable soft containers only. No     hard plastic containers. No flushable     wipes.)

  7. Foot Powder and Moleskin:
  8.     (Medicated, anti-fungal foot powder –     Gold Bond is great! Absolutely NO     aerosol cans.)

  9. Razors:
  10.     (Disposable Fusion or Mach 3 brand     only.)

  11. Pain Relievers and Lip Balm:
  12.     (Such as Acetaminophen, Aspirin, or     Ibuprofen. 250 count maximum.)

  13. Q-Tips:
  14.     (Any size container.)

  15. Toothbrushes:
  16.     Click to purchase…

  17. Batteries:
  18.     Click to purchase…
        (AA and AAA only. No loose     batteries.)

  19. Coffee:
  20.     (Up to one pound can or plastic
        re-sealable container. No coffee     beans.)

  21. Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mixes:
  22.     (Gatorade, Mio Fit, 5-hour energy, or     Camelbak Elixir tablets. We want to     supply flavored drink mixes that help     replace electrolytes and are enriched     with vitamins. No crystal light or     Kool-aid style mixes.)

  23. Protein Bars:
  24.     Click to purchase…
        (9 grams of protein or more.)

  25. Jerky:
  26.     (Beef, chicken, turkey, or salmon. No     pork products.)

  27. Seeds, Nuts, Trail Mix or Dried Fruit:
  28.     Click to purchase…
        (Up to one half pound container. All     single-serving snacks must be in     sealed packaging.)

  29. Seasonal Items:
  30.     Handwarmers, Sunblock (No larger     than 12 oz. NO aerosol cans.)

Important Information

Content for our care packages must fit in a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box. Medium Flat Rate boxes are 6 inches deep, 11 inches long, and 8 1/2 inches wide - as shown in the photos below.





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